Range of Screenings

Though it may seem at a first glance, that the children’s healthcare requires less kinds of screenings or other diagnostics, the truth is quite opposite. This means that whatever the healthcare hazard of your child is, we’ve got all the means to test it through!

Numerous Services

With our scope of expertise covering all the age range – from 0 to 18 years old, we also cover all possible kinds of childhood illnesses. Starting with the newborn care and ADHD counseling for teens, and including allergy treatments and all kinds of immunization

Affordable Pricing

While in the last 30 years most private clinics have had their pricing double, we have a different fee policy. All of our pricing table remained at the levels it was when we just started out  back in 1992. We make sure that caring for

Welcome to Waymo

This clinic was founded by Dr. Mary Zimmerman MD on January 5th, 1992. 

Since those times we were vocal in expanding both the number of pediatric and related services we offer, just as well as the size of our team of skilled and caring pediatricians.

All in all, our medical facility for minors provides a range of therapy services to children aged 0-18 years of age and their families.

Our Advantages

Intensive Care

When we talk about how high our recovery ratio is, it proudly stands at 99.999%!

Certified Doctors

Each single member of our clinic’s team is an experienced pediatrician, skilled in his or her own field of knowledge.


The early years of a child’s life are very important for his or her health and development.

Supportive Environment

Knowing how picky kids are, be sure that our friendly environment will make tantrums obsolete!

Therapy Excellence

With all the cutting-edge equipment and manpower that we have, our therapy is superior!


Regardless of what the type of the healthcare issue is, be sure that you will be able to afford treating your kid here!


Emergency Appointments

Be sure, that however acute the injury or the illness is, we will be there to help your child, 24/7/365!

Meet Our Pediatricians

With dozens of skilled and seasoned pediatrician’s onboard we’re your ultimate destination for all the matters of children’s healthcare.

Dr. Shannon Lopez

Dr. Ken Frank

Dr. Tony Howard

Ensure a Healthy Childhood for Your Kiddo!

Make sure to take you child to the best healthcare clinic in the area, where quality and pricing are high and low!

Healthy Kids Means Happy Parents

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Useful Tips for Parents


As parents, we’re constantly encircled by what seems like a truly endless streak of miscellaneous childhood illnesses, of which the most common and widespread one is the regular cold and the flu. And considering. Assuming that you


Yet another illness that is incredibly common for kids, especially those in the junior high school. But this one should not be of a big concern to you, as most likely your child’s roseola symptoms will be


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